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Doris Merchandise

Scoop Neck TeeSomething for Doris merchandise started with the love of Doris, my miniature English Bull Terrier. A shop was born and her face has become iconic. I wanted t-shirts of my girl. A collaborative effort between me(ideas), Pete(photos), Elle(design) and Kingprint Creations Unanderra, the Doris tee label has evolved. She inspired me her whole life, wearing Doris is very special, it warms my heart: hope it warms yours.

Something for Doris
Clothing label

FxCam_1366340736573This is just the beginning… I have always wanted my own clothing label, it just took a suggestion by a dear Doris friend and it became a reality. My label will reflect my taste and eclectic retro and vintage style…always evolving and loving colour & texture. I don’t know where it’s going but let’s just enjoy the ride.

Elise Designs

eliseElise Design was founded in 2004 by designer Thu Nguyen in Sydney, Australia. The label was named after her little daughter Elise.
The early days of the label began at Sydney’s Glebe and Bondi markets. After a few months of testing her designs Thu was ready to open her first shop, Elise Boutique in Leichhardt and has now moved to Newtown. The idea for her clothes comes from her love of vintage fashion and her cultural background. Elise design philosophy is that unique and independent is fashion.
As the business has developed the label has expanded to a number of boutiques both in Australia and overseas, Thu’s desire to build the label comes not only from her passion for fashion but also from a wish to have a legacy for her daughter. She puts something of herself into every design, something she hopes people appreciate when they wear the garment


bsirius“The girl with a bird on her bag rode by, calm and serene with the breeze in her hair, thinking of nowhere, looking like everywhere. She glided by on a perfect sparkly day. She was just there, but like a dream. It was her bag that made me fall in love with the scene…” When you fall in love, it is forever. When you love a bag, it’s destiny. When your second skin fits like a glove, it’s heaven. Just like the girl with a bird on her bag…it is perfection.

Annabelle and her allies in the design circuit ride pretty closely together, making their working environment the perfect community. Creating the dream, living the reality, riding the tides of learning.

Their drive is simple …‘Discover As We Go’…Their dream – to share the love of textiles, inspire, and live life to it’s fullest – to do nothing by halves! This philosophy extends all the way to the established boutique company in China, where all those wonderful dreams take form.

Miz Mooz

miz moozFrom humble beginnings as a small, New York based, private label, to our status today, Miz Mooz has always remained committed to the principle that fashion and comfort can happily coexist.  We believe that our shoes are a reflection of the people that wear them –eclectic, edgy, playful, quirky, but most of all, FUN!  To this end, each shoe is carefully finished by hand, and the resulting variations in color and texture ensure that every pair is as unique and interesting as the woman who wears it.

Once upon a land down under was … La la land

lalalandEstablished in 2009, La La land is a publishing world of both Australian and international artists and illustrators. La La land is an avenue for artists to gain exposure, and an opportunity for people to have affordable art in their everyday living and space.
Made in Australia, La La land focuses on quality – using the best eco-friendly materials whenever possible.


rasaleelaRasaleela Clothing was started in 2002 by Trish Louey after she returned from living and studying in India for several years. Upon  returning Trish noticed there was a gap in high quality unique and ethnic clothing.
Rasaleela is designed in Australia, and Trish travels the globe to find her design inspiration. Unique, often vintage inspired and ethnic prints  have become part of Rasaleela’s signature style. Our designs make you feel fantastic regardless of age, shape or size.
These designs work in combination with breathable, durable natural fabrics such as Indian cottons, voile and Thai hand-woven cotton as well as beautiful traditional Japanese prints.

Oran Leather

Elegance, style and quality are always positive traits; and that’s what we provide for you at Oran Leather. Creating a wide range of unique products from fashion accessories to business and travel luggage, at Oran, we pride ourselves on creating superior products at affordable prices. At Oran Leather we craft cutting edge, yet affordable and constantly changing classic pieces and fashion items.

We are proud of our excellent craftsmanship, quality fittings and natural hide. Our goods are individually hand made, so no two pieces are identical, meaning each is a perfect match made just for you.

  • The Factories Which Oran Leather uses, which includes workers and management, is responsible for the management of the Fairtrade in accordance with Fairtrade standards.
  • Working conditions are equitable for all workers. Health and safety measures must be established in order to avoid work-related injuries.
  • Oran Leather strongly prohibits the use of under age workers when manufacturing our products and the same apply for working hours and working conditions.


erstwilder_great_dame_brooch_cream_white_boxErstwilder brings the retro musings and quirky childhood tales of Melbourne jewellery designer, Louisa Goller, to life in an eclectic mix of colourful layered resin. 

Decidedly fun, often outrageous, somewhat quirky but delightfully companionable; each character in the Erstwhile collection has it’s own little message and provides the perfect antidote to those drab, ordinary days.


FxCam_1363129758955Absolute comfort. This is an Australian/New Zealand brand. They are light and comfortable from the first wear. I love them for working on your feet all day to big day trips out and they are the best travelling shoes! The Brand is diverse and ranges from walking shoes, day wear to heels. It’s a brand people keep coming back to.


bellissimaMade in Italy from the finest Italian yarns, Bellissima seamless garments mould to your body like a second skin, giving you complete freedom of movement. Incredibly hard wearing and unbelievably comfortable, the fabric has the exceptionable ability to allow the escape of perspiration from the body to the outer air enabling you to feel as confident as possible. The dyes are lead free and the dye water is purified before returning to the environment.

Mexican Flower Jewellery-San Marco
from the company Cool Coconut.

We are privileged have worked closely with the Gomez Family in Mexico for many years. Together we have built a strong and successful relationship based on mutual trust, respect and friendship. Our stunning San Marco Mexican Flowers collection is the result of this collaboration.

The miniature flowers used to make San Marco are grown in a garden of pots on the hillside home of the Gomez family in Central Mexico.

Each flower is hand picked with tweezers early in the morning while it is still small, then dried over several days. The dried flowers are individually placed with love, skill and care into Sterling Silver casings.

Each piece of San Marco Mexican Flowers Jewellery is beautifully unique and reflects the pride the Gomez family takes in their work.


French jewellery


It’s fresh, fun, funky, modern with a retro twist. It’s lots of colour and quality french design. Jean-Pierre imports the best France has to offer, I trust him to always have something new and fabulous every season. P.S All french jewellery is nickle free, as it is illegal to sell jewellery in France containing nickle due to so many women being allergic to it.

So Frenchy So Chic

Valerie imports quirky medallion necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The ranges change each season and are always beautiful. I cannot explain it but they feel nice to wear and always make a statement.

Polka Luka

Polka Luka is a Melbourne based design label creating contemporary resin jewellery and homewares.

Focusing on clean lines, organic form, and luminous colour- each item is entirely hand made- resulting in pieces with a unique patina in a range of gorgeous custom mixed colours.

Taking design cues from fields as diverse as modernist art and architecture to travels across Asia, Polka Luka also imbues a distinctly Australian style- spirited, bold and vibrant.