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me and dozAbout me and Doris.

Something for Doris is my store I opened on July 1st, 2006. I named the shop after my English Bull Terrier, Doris. Located in Wollongong, NSW where I have lived my whole life. I had an obsession with all things old so when I decided to open my shop it seemed very appropriate to name it after Doris. My husband Peter came up with the name as we sat on the deck giving Doris a cuddle. My good friend Elle is a graphic artist created the logos for the store and the t-shirts from real photos of my precious girl.

You know…you do these things because you love your dog, but Something for Doris has been the most incredible journey. I choose only things I love for my shop. It is filled with Vintage Retro and New clothing, jewellery, shoes and décor…and random other things I find. My Doris was 10 years old when I opened the shop she loved coming to work. She walked under the clothes in slow motion, letting the fabrics drape over her. She would pause under a particularly great  spot and rock so it massaged her back. She loved to sit at the front door and many would sit with her for a chat or call out “Hi Doris!” as they passed. She was patient, kind and gentle. Nothing fazed her, she was not needy, she was just Doris. She has passed on now and the Doris shop is her legacy.